We Love Pilates By Design

Four months later, working out twice a week, I have lost inches and 8 pounds and have become a lot stronger. The classes are never boring and the hour flies by. I leave feeling invigorated, energized and so relaxed! Stephanie is a wonderful, patient & awesome instructor.  Thank you for making me feel better about myself, improving my balance, and strengthening those darn arthritic knees.

Aida C.

My wife and I have been taking Pilates classes together for several years and we have found Stephanie to be a very special Pilates instructor. She has an unsurpassed passion for her craft that makes her the quintessential professional... But it is the unrivaled compassion that Stephanie shares with her clients that makes her truly special. This compassion allows her to evaluate each client’s unique needs, physical abilities, and fitness goals and shape personal fitness programs that challenge the Pilates novice as equally as the most seasoned fitness addict. 

Tim & Cindy S.

Pilates has been an amazing addition to my life. I keep an active lifestyle filled with different types of exercise, outdoor activities, and travel. Pilates has supplemented each of these areas.  I have truly found something that I can practice during any time, at different locations, through the ups and downs of life.

Audrey L.

Even though I was only taking the class once a week, I found that I was still getting into shape. My whole body, and especially my core, was getting stronger.

Mary T.

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