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Intro to Pilates

3 Private Sessions at an Introductory rate. A comfortable step before joining a group class!  

For first-time clients only.

Mat Classes:

The heart of Joseph Pilates' work, Mat classes are designed to develop and increase abdominal strength, flexibility and overall body awareness. Clients are challenged while staying safely within their ability level.

*Required: "Grippy" socks; available for purchase at the studio.

Prior to joining a group Mat class, clients are requested to come in for a free consultation.

Apparatus Classes:

Fun and invigorating, Apparatus classes incorporate Mat work with the Reformer and Tower for a comprehensive approach to develop abdominal strength, flexibility and whole-body functionality. Classes are varied based off the theme of each individual class, challenging both body and mind.

*Required: "Grippy" socks; available for purchase at the studio.

Prior to joining a group Apparatus class, clients are requested to come in for a free consultation, as well as complete the Intro to Pilates package.

Pilates Private Sessions:

Private Sessions offer the highest level of attention for clients. Incorporating a variety of Pilates apparatus, including the Reformer, Barrels and Chair, clients are challenged to really hone in on their personal fitness goals.

Please call to set up an appointment with an instructor.

Pilates Semi-Private Sessions:

Semi-Private Sessions focus on clients' goals by incorporating a variety of Pilates apparatus during the workout. Semi-Privates are excellent for couples or those looking for the enjoyment of working out with those who have similar fitness goals.

Please call to set up an appointment with an instructor.

Private & Semi-Private Sessions are scheduled based upon client and instructor availability. Visit our class schedules to see all of our Group Class offerings.

Client Requirements: To ensure every client has a successful class, we ask that clients new to Pilates meet with an instructor for 1 session before entering into a group setting. 

Curious about trying Pilates?  Call us to set up a FREE consultation...no strings attached!

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